Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Don't miss out on Joy of all Crafts!

Hey Friends!

Just a friendly reminder that I'm at a new address. I hope that you continue following Joy of all Crafts, I've missed you!  Click here to subscribe to my new blog on Squarespace.

Here is some of the content that you may have missed:
Reupholstering Dining Room Chairs
- My new Retro Modern Quilt!
- Chris and I launching our new brand Remnant
- How to make our own handmade ottoman
- Our vintage booth, Remnant,  at Portland Flea
- DIY tutorials - Wrapped Ball chain bracelets - Vintage Magnets - Mid-Century Notebooks - Fabric Drawer Liners

Thanks so much! See you soon!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Address - Goodbye Blogger!

Blogger has served me well over the last year+, but it is time to move on to a blogger platform that will help me do more! I've moved over to squarespace! My website is still the same:, BUT if you subscribed via google reader, google friend connect, email, rss feed, you need to pop over to my new page and update your settings. Otherwise, you won't receive my posts. Click here to be taken to the new site, and click on this icon: 
 to subscribe!

I'm really excited about all of the new projects I have to share with you, I hope that you'll follow me over in this move! 

Thanks so much for following me! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Collage 101

Working at a place called Collage, you'd think I was a pro collager. However, prior to taking Basic Collage from Suki (the manager and teacher extraordinaire!), my only experience had been elmers and gluing onto paper. The idea is simple enough, but knowing a bit about the the types of glues and materials made a huge difference.

Here's the biggest tips I learned for Suki's collage class: 
  • Use PVA glue, it doesn't wrinkle, it's archival (lasts 100+ years), dries quickly, and is perfect for all paper to paper crafting. 
  • You want to glue your collage to something strong and firm. Hardboard panel works really well and it's very reasonable priced. This way your collage won't bend or curl up. 
  • Gluing a background paper, allow to dry, then cut with an exacto knife to get the perfect edge! 
  • Plan out the whole collage before committing and gluing anything down. 
  • Use a paint brush to glue the paper, then apply paper to surface.
  • Allow 24 to dry before sealing it.
  • Seal the collage with a varnish, Golden works really well. 
  • If you plan on framing your collage, you don't need to seal it.  

I enjoyed making this one so much, Chris and I got crafty! I've been saving up some 50s-60s magazines. We spent a few hours pouring over this magazines and "oohing and awwing" over so much great furniture, cars, and fun advertisements. We cut lots and have only just begun some fun collages. This was really fun to enjoy doing a craft together! As you can imagine, this doesn't happen very often!

I'm loving these little pieces! We are going to make more, some to keep and some to sell at our booth. What do you think? 
Have you tried collage? If you have any questions about the process, let me know! I'd be happy to help you out! :) 
Happy Collaging! 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Flea Market Finds >> 15

This week brought one of those moments that I never thought would come! Chris and I went to a random estate sale that was advertised on craigslist (no photos) for Thursday morning. I had the morning off, so we went and checked it out together. We started looking around, and Chris looked through the kitchen, I was following behind, and what did I see that he missed? A Cathrineholm dutch oven! Nothing had prices, just bids on what you would pay, I could hardly contain my excitement, but I tried my best not to let on that I knew a lot about this item. I quickly offered $5, she said yes, and off I went! I'm really excited to begin collecting more Cathrineholm pieces! I never thought that I would find one as they are so so popular right now and really expensive! I found this same piece going anywhere from $70 - 150, but this one is not for sale! ;)

It's a perfect addition to my collection! 

 I also picked up this great set of kitchen tin canisters. Can't decide if I'm keeping them, or selling them yet. And of course, more pyrex and vintage sheets! Can't seem to go to a sale and not get one. ;)

I'm linking up with Her Library Adventures and Apron Thrift Girl
Happy Thrifting! 

What fun finds did you find this week?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIY // Birdie Necklace

Working at collage has its benefits, I get to interact with creative people all day, see new product/ideas, and create fun new projects. I can't take credit for this little project though, it is the brainchild of my talented boss, Maria. I'm just the executer. I've never played around with this Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel. It's really interesting, rather than embossing once, you can emboss over it and the more you layer, the thicker it becomes. It's also clear so that you can paint under/over it and get all different types of effects. We just got these bird wood shapes in, and I've been longing to put a bird on everything! 

Materials Needed:

1) Use an inkpad that works with wood, Versacraft is amazing! (You can even use it on fabric!) Saturate the wood with the ink. 
2) Pour the embossing enamel over the wet ink
3) Shake off excess (which can be reused)
4) Melt it with a heat tool
5) The first layer is bumpy - apply a second layer of ink and repeat steps 2 - 4
6) I applied a little bit of contrasting color to make the wings distinguish. In total, I did 3 layers of the embossing enamel.  

7) While the enamel is still wet, emboss a word/message into it. Press firmly to get a better impression. Allow 5 minutes to set/dry. 
8) Apply bale to the back of your shape with E-6000. This is a great super glue that will last a lifetime. 

Attach your favorite chain - I used waxed linen thread and simply tied a bow in the back - and enjoy!

* I need to work on taking photos of myself - excuse the scary eyes! ;) *

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

DIY // Tiny Glass Bottles

Have you seen these tiny glass bottles? At collage, we sell them and everyone is immediately enamored! But they also beg the question: How do I use them? So I thought I'd play around with them myself and also round up some ideas! 

Wax Sealed Perfume/Potion Bottles
I made a little "potion" (various oils mixed together) to fill the bottles. But you could pour perfume or essential oils inside and use it as a perfume bottle. Here's how:
If that doesn't inspire you, here's a few more ideas: 
one ~ two ~ three ~ four ~ five

Monday, March 19, 2012

Beggars Banquet Recap

Instead of a Flea Market Finds post today, I'd like to share about Beggars Banquet from this weekend. (I also had zero time to go out to any sales this past week.) Lots of people came out and we had a great time. It was wonderful to connect with many people that I've only chatted with online. It's always hilarious when you meet someone for the "first" time to only discover out that you've been communicating via twitter for a few months now and didn't realize it at first. ;) Can anyone else relate to this?!

Our booth included lots of handmade/reclaimed coffee tables, vintage items, taxidermy, and housewares. 

Of course there were loads of really talented artists, designers, and curators. 

The venue Union/Pine is amazing.  A perfect spot for this event and for a reception/party... it's complete with a disco ball! 

Overall, it was a great success and I'll keep you posted for the next Beggars Banquet. 

The next event that we'll be vending at is Portland Flea. We are so excited to be able to vend there again and to be a part of this year's first full season/ Mark April 21st on your calendar! But before we get there Chris and I need your help! PDX Picker and Joy of all Crafts are our blog names, however, neither really encapsulates who we are together. For the past few months we've been trying to brainstorm a name for our booth and perhaps future store. We really want to work on develop our brand this year and getting out the word about our handmade/found items. Here is a few of the names we are currently tossing around: 

Teak & Rosewood
Handmade Herringbone

Which one do you like? Or do you have a suggestions? Leave a comment and let us know either way. I'd really appreciate the help! 

Also, have you seen the tumblr Hipster Branding? It's pretty hilarious and spot on. The funny thing is, we like most of these logos and will want something like this for our own name. Does that mean we are hipsters? Hope not! 
Here are my two favorite hipster re-designs: 


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